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* Felix, the successful Habring² model with a real manufactory movement has a musical brother – the repeater watch. It lets the sound out but does not let water in. This is because, in contrast to many competitor repeater watches, the new Habring² model is waterproof. This was to date the Achilles heel of any watch with this complication. The problem: A hermetic seal such as the one required to make a watch waterproof has a negative impact on the sound transfer to the outside. In contrast, the Habring² repeater watch lets the sound escape, but does not let water in. It is for this reason that the sound-emitting chronograph is not available with precious metal cases.


* The five-minute repeater strikes up to a maximum of 11 chimes for the hour indication and then at a different tone the subsequent 5-minute intervals to give you a musical accuracy to within 5 minutes. Currently, the least expensive minute repeater on the market is the IWC Portuguese 5449 for around 80,000 euro. The new five-minute repeater from Habring² costs 18,500 euro. One could therefore say: The purchaser of a Habring² repeater saves an amazing 16,000 euro for each minute of acoustic "inaccuracy".


*The watch has a titanium case as standard. Titanium does not make the gong strikes sound louder, but it does make them somewhat brighter as it oscillates better. It is the first time that titanium is available with a polished finish from Habring² (crown and base).

Movement: Calibre A11D90, In-House Manual Wind with Repeater Module

Case: 42mm, Titanium

Dial: Blued Leaf Hands with Skelotonised Dial

Glass: Sapphire Glass

Water Resistance: 5ATM

Manufacturer No: A11D90

Habring² can quite possibly lay claim to being the smallest watch manufacturer in the world, certainly the only watch manufacturer in Austria!


Maria and Richard Habring, who are the driving force behind Habring² founded the company in 1997 Volkermarkt, Austria in a fourth and fifth floor studio surrounded by lakes and mountains and proceeded to develop and produce a range of fine mechanical watches for which Austria was once so famous back in the 19th century.


Habring² produce a range of technically inventive mechanical watches such as tourbillons, the previously world exclusive and now much copied jumping second and a range of chronographs, which all share a classic, timeless design and are characterised by reliability and suitability for everyday wear.


Richard Habring, who’s career started as a watchmaker under his mentor Günter Blümlein at IWC played a major role in the development of the double chronograph and is now, with his wife Maria reconnecting with the great Austrian history of watchmaking by producing their own range of excellent mechanical wristwatches.